#5 – Taylor W

the story behind the face: Taylor is a barista at Receiver Coffee Co. in Charlottetown, PEI. When I approached the counter, I saw a drink called “London Fog” and asked her what it was. Her smile and friendliness bubbled over and instantly I knew I wanted to ask to take her photo. I watched as she made my drink (a hot chocolate). When it was finished, she offered to top it with some powdered chocolate, usually something the customer does for themselves at the self-serve station. Her kindness and love for people was the crowning point of my time with her.

the story behind the photo: this photo was taken inside Reciever Coffe Co. it really is a little oasis of hip vibes and comfortable conversation on Victoria Row. the coffee tables sprawl out into the street patio area and there is even a little upstairs sitting gallery.  when i asked take her photo, she protested a little and said she was hot and sweaty after a day’s work, but agreed anyhow. i’m so glad she did. this portrait is one of my favorites from the week. the sunset lighting coming in the open doors and the dark exposed brick behind frame her and tell a very nostalgic story.

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