#6 – Paul J

the story behind the face: Paul is a native of Maine and owner of Stone Soup Books in Camden, Maine. We walked up a wide staircase into the second story shop above Mariners Restaurant. The buildings along this side of Maine St. in Camden are close to 150 years old. Paul and his wife Agnes have owned and run this shop since 1982.

the story behind the photo: this photo was taken right beside the window in the main room of his bookshop. when i asked him to take his photo, i asked him to take me to his favorite place in the shop and he said he loved the natural light coming from the window. this was the perfect place for a photo since the light was soft through the original glass windows. compositionally i feel this photo is a little tight. i wanted more space to get more of an atmosphere surrounding Paul, but I am happy with how the photo turned out.

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