#7 – Devon G

the story behind the face:  My last night in Maine, I met Devon. He has spent this past summer working on the Schooner Olad in Camden, ME. A native of Maine, he and his brother recently hiked the Appalachian trail (flip-flop) and wrote a book called “Hike Your Own Hike” chronicling their travels and journal entries. Devon is also a photographer and is planning a trip to New Zealand this winter.

the story behind the photo: this photo was taken on Penobscot Bay on the schooner Olad. Devon is truly a  lover of stories and people and made a point to go around the boat and make conversation with every person on our sail. he sees over 110 people every day and has talked to every single person who has sailed on the Olad this summer. when i asked him for his photo, he agreed almost instantly and wanted to know where i wanted the photo. i asked him what his favorite job on the boat was and if i could photograph him doing that. his favorite job is flaking the sail, and i really appreciated getting a process shot instead of the more posed ones i’ve gotten along this project. i am hoping to get more like this in the future.

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